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Here at command central for the Little Farm and Annie Morton Designs, I've been thinking long and hard about how to simplify our businesses. To make them more efficient on the back-end and more client friendly on the front. I am so excited to announce that we have officially combined our two micro businesses into one slightly less micro but still micobusiness we're fondly and legally calling A Morton Farm and Designs LLC!

Now you can shop for honey, fiber and yarn, and handmade accessories all on one easy website and when you see is at festivals and fairs, we'll be able to offer our full product line. Whoop! Whoop!

What does this mean for you, our loyal clients? Not much, but I'm going to share anyway. :)

Main Website: is our new website! Any time you want to purchase honey, fiber or yarn, or a handmade goodie from my studio, you can! 

Websites that will also work! But don't worry. Like you, I can only remember a finite number of website addresses, and I am at capacity. So you can still use and to access us! They'll simply redirect you to the new site. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Social Media: For now I am going to continue to maintain separate farm and studio accounts. That way you can keep your social media feed focused and fun. However, if you are interested in both our farm work and my studio work and the crossover of the wool and fiber from the animals, then please follow all our accounts. 
Farm Facebook
Studio Facebook:
Studio Instagram:

Rewards Program: If you are a studio client, your rewards account is still there and intact! No need to worry or make any updates. If you're a farm client, surprise, we have a rewards account! When you shop with us, you can earn points towards discounts and coupons on future purchases. Just create a rewards account on the website to start earning. 

Newsletter: Those of you familiar to me and my business style know that I have sent 2 newsletters in the entire 11 year history of my businesses. Hrm... I might need to try to improve on that record. Maybe... 

Free Shipping: This is the only sad news I have. Because of the continued rise in postage costs, I have to increase the free domestic shipping threshold. I know that is a bummer, and I'm sorry. I tried to put this moment off as long as possible, but here we are. The new threshold is $75. Thank you for understanding this change. 

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