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Comb Honey from Queen Gertie's Hive

Comb Honey from Queen Gertie's Hive

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Comb honey is a fun chewy candy-like treat, delicious spread on biscuits or with goat or brie cheese on crackers, and just plain old beautiful. Also, for those of you using honey to treat allergies, it is the rawest form of honey with maximum pollen content.

Hive: Queen Gertie
Flavor Profile: sweet and vibrant with a tangy citrus flavor

This comb honey is bottled chunk style in shippable 1 lb plastic bottles and in 1.5 lb pint jars for local pick up. We are very generous with our comb chunks. 

Our honey is as local as it gets! Our hives are right here on the farm, and our girls spend most of their time in a 2 mile radius. Furthermore, our honey is raw, unpasteurized, and minimally filtered.

We harvest and bottle a single hive at a time. Our clients can try the unique honey of each individual queen and her working girls. This year we are proud to offer 7 unique honeys from 9 different queens including 2 flavors of comb honey as well as our house blend of the surplus honey from all our hives. 



Care information

All seams are sewn, resewn, and sewn again for maximum durability. However, this is still a piece of handmade textile art. Spot clean or hand wash and lay flat to dry. Cool iron with a cover cloth if you must.

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