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The Little Farm

Mohair and Gulf Coast Native Sock Knots for Spinning or Felting

Mohair and Gulf Coast Native Sock Knots for Spinning or Felting

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Fiber Content: 60% Mohair, 40% Gulf Coast Native Wool

Featured Animal(s): Guinevere

Weight 1.9-2.1 oz per batt

Fiber Diameter
: Medium

Spin Type: Any

Colors: Green, Pecan Brown, Sand Brown, Blue, Ivory


2ish ounce art batts made from a mix of mill prepared and hand processed fiber! These are gorgeous, airy, fluffy, and vibrant batts full of texture and character. I blend them up on my ashford drum carder from fiber from our animals plus a little bit of blends from friends and favorite businesses. 

The Little FarmOur farm is the happy home of a small flock of scratch and dent, down on their luck, and ready for retirement angora, cashgora, and pygmy angora cross goats and Shetland sheep. They are adorable and silly and sweet. They serve the dual purpose of keeping our non arable land mowed and producing high quality, super fine, luxury mohair and wool for spinners, dyers, weaver, and other fiber artists.

Stay in touch with me and get special coupon codes on Facebook at Annie Morton Designs.


Mohair and Gulf Coast Native Wool


1.9-2.1 oz

Care information

All seams are sewn, resewn, and sewn again for maximum durability. However, this is still a piece of handmade textile art. Spot clean or hand wash and lay flat to dry. Cool iron with a cover cloth if you must.

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