Rich Honey from Queen Storme
Rich Honey from Queen Storme

Rich Honey from Queen Storme

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Rich honey is my absolute favorite. It is bold and flavorful and a little less sweet and tangy than our other honeys. I use it for everything from toast and biscuits to BBQ sauce and more. It makes a GREAT hot toddy in the winter too. 

Hive: Queen Storme
Flavor Profile: VERY robust and flavorful. Strong and spicy.

This honey is bottled in plastic and glass bottles. It is shippable only in the plastic jars.

Our honey is as local as it gets! Our hives are right here on the farm, and our girls spend most of their time in a 2 mile radius. Furthermore, our honey is raw, unpasteurized, and minimally filtered.

We harvest and bottle a single hive at a time. Our clients can try the unique honey of each individual queen and her working girls. This year we are proud to offer 9 unique honeys from 9 different queens as well as our house blend combined from 3 hives.